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What's New from Amazon Web Services
  • Now View Amazon CloudWatch Metrics within the Amazon SQS Console

    You can now view Amazon CloudWatch metrics directly within the Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) console. Amazon CloudWatch monitors your Amazon SQS and other AWS resources in real time. Within the Amazon SQS console, you can monitor CloudWatch metrics such as the number of messages sent, received, and deleted on your queues. Previously, you had to switch back and forth between browser tabs to view Amazon CloudWatch metrics. Now, you can get a rapid view of your queue metrics without leaving Amazon SQS.

  • Access Resources within a VPC using AWS Lambda

    You can now enable AWS Lambda to access resources in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Your Lambda functions can now access Amazon RDS databases, Amazon Redshift data warehouses, Amazon ElasticCache nodes, and other endpoints that are accessible only from within a particular VPC (e.g., web service running on EC2). 

  • Enhanced Monitoring for Amazon RDS now available for MySQL 5.5

    Enhanced Monitoring for Amazon RDS allows you to get deeper visibility into the health of your Amazon RDS instances in real time. It provides a comprehensive set of over 50 new system metrics and aggregated process information for your instances, at granularity of up to 1 second. You can visualize the metrics on the RDS console, and also integrate them with CloudWatch and third-party applications. Enhanced Monitoring for Amazon RDS was earlier made available for MySQL 5.6, now it is also available for MySQL 5.5.